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When Kings Were Gods – Paintings by Johnny Kovacevic

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Within this stunning collection of large-scale oil paintings Johnny Kovacevic explores mankind’s desire to leave behind a legacy. Some trait or memory of one’s existence, just as the ancient kings and queens did in the past, building monuments that would proclaim something about their achievements, status, power and influence.

Johnny’s masterful juxtapositions of ancient relics and cosmic landscapes leave the viewer breathless with the power of early civilisation’s mythologies and aspirations.

Thanks to Ascella Pure Wines and Jinja Ninja Ginger Beer


Next Show: Dr Rev Bloodpainter, 4-10pm, July 1st ONLY

The Australian Artist known as Dr.Rev – Bloodpainter is giving not just his talent, but his very blood- to the art world. It is rare to find an artist who gives quite as much to his art as Dr Rev.

Unlike most artists, Dr.Rev possesses an insane capacity to turn crimson particles into outstanding creations that expand and push boundaries: All of the paintings by this exquisitely gifted painter are done exclusively in his own blood.

Many of Dr.Rev’s images are realistic, and surprisingly striking in nature. His images depict growth, human constraint and the evolution of using this very unique medium to capture his heart and soul.


Fiery Tails by Jason Howe

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From the profuse scratchings in his sketchbooks, Sydney-based fine artist Jason Howe has created a new series of original and organic characters scribbled from the subconscious.

Fiery Tails, on exhibition at Monstrosity Gallery from 26 May 2011, places these characters in a mythology of otherworldly landscapes and parables.

Jason’s cosmic creations produce a hallucinatory vision of escapism. Through their colour, movement and surreal narratives, his work evokes a journey back to one’s youth, where vibrant and sometimes violent action-packed cartoons could make you belch your breakfast cereal.

Taking his influences from animations remembered from childhood, his work is infused with an obvious love of the natural world, its history & evolution along with sci-fi and the mysteries of the cosmos.

Jason’s exotic canvas, paper, wood and clay pieces bring to mind children’s stories filled with curious beings and lands. Sometimes reminiscent of fairytales or warped daydreams, each piece transports you to a magical, idealised and extremely happy place.

Jason will be celebrating the opening of Fiery Tails at Monstrosity Gallery, 93 Bourke Street Woolloomooloo, until Wednesday 15th June 2011.


Modern Windows: Image Capture in the 21st Century – May 6-26.

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Curated by William G. Saussay.

From the Camera Obscura in the 16th Century, to the miniscule High Definition video cameras inside iPhones, the mechanical and electronic capture of the four-dimensional world and its presentation onto two-dimensional surfaces has had major impacts on all spheres of human endeavour. In Modern Windows, local and international artists explore the image capture in unexpected and thought-provoking ways.

Sponsored by the best organic winery in the world: Ascella Pure Wines.


Artbook Launch- SEVEN books by young Sydney artists. April 15-May 4.

All tees by West are 2 for $45 for the duration of the exhibition. Image: "Self Portrait" by West.

Monstrosity invites you to our first ever art book launch party!

Come get an eyeful of these lavish art books (and accomanying artwork) by 7 diversely talented Sydney artists, designed, created and published independently with the help of

Perhaps buy a book by one of these great artists! They will become collectors items, plus they make great gifts.


Preview the books here:

Qwux – Japan

Lena Obergfell – I collect rubbish

West – You can get a cream for that

Sol – Never alone

KALEN – Hope

(link TBA)

William G. Saussay – Tenderly


Elissa Ramsay: Through the Looking Glass… March 25 – April 14

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Elissa is a central coast based artist who builds intricate dioramas of landscapes and cityscapes with multiple layers of paint, printed images, rusty nails, bees, electrical wires and a riot of found objects, with each layer encased in resin. The results of this highly labour-intensive process are irresistably detailed, shimmering, glittering worlds that beg to be explored. They truly have to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.



Monstrosity Gallery, home of emergent art in the heart of east Sydney, is looking for artists working with photography, photomedia and video to submit works for inclusion in a spectacular group show running from Thursday May 5 – Wednesday May 25. This exhibition will be run in conjunction with the Head On photo festival, Sydney’s major innovative showcase for Australian and international photography.

We welcome a diversity of approaches and subject matter. The only restriction is that you are using image capture of some description as part of the final work. This could be anything from pinhole photography to mobile phone video to photocopying and faxing. No theme and no size restrictions (as long as it fits through the front door!), but the work/s must be delivered to the gallery by Friday April 29.


Pause: Moments from the reflective times of travel. Photographs by Mazz Image and Kath Waples. March 17-24th

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Monstrosity Gallery Woolloomooloo is delighted to present this inspiring collection of stunning photographs by Mazz Image and Kath Waples.

Pause: Moments form the Reflective Times of Travel Officially opens at Monstrosity Gallery at 6pm, Friday 18th March and continues until March 24th.

Enjoy a drink with complements from ‘blue fish’.

Monstrosity Gallery is open: Wednesday to Sunday 11am-6pm Mazz will also be available in the gallery from 4-6pm on Saturday 20 and Thursday 24 March. For any further enquiries please phone Mazz on 0414666143 or email


Leon Hawker (Melbourne): Reinterpretations. March 4th to 16th.

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Melbourne artist Leon Hawker, who took part in Monstrosity’s inspiring 2010 Woolloomooloo Festival on Wheels, returns once more with a solo exhibition of his latest works.
Through reproduction, repetition and careful arrangement, Hawker turns ordinary found objects into works of beauty that are more than the sum of their parts. His obsessive compositions bring the texture and line of our backgrounds to the foreground.

Hawker’s interest in tantric drawing, where a simple shape is filled with the artist’s freeform wanderings, is here updated for the age of reproduction. Particularly influential are the works from the 2005 “Field of Colour” exhibition at the Drawing Room in New York, which brought together traditional tantric drawings from the Northeastern Indian state of Rajasthan. These drawings were originally published in textbooks and used as meditative aids. Through exaggerated scale, Hawker’s repeated “tools of use” assume an almost monumental significance, while the intricate detail and the intensely laborious and mechanical production of these works bring about a meditative trance which is echoed in their viewing.

Opening Friday 4 March at 6pm, sponsored by Ascella Pure Organic Wines.


Bears Artspace 2011 February 21st- March 2nd

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Bears Artspace 2011 transforms Monstrosity into a Fur Gallery as some of the world’s most talented Bear Artists exhibit their works.

The Bears Artspace was launched by Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney with a cocktail party-style atmosphere at 6.30pm on Monday 21 February, 2011.

The show runs until March 2nd, 6pm. Come and experience the vibrant creativity of the Bear Art World.

FREE entry – Everybody is welcome.

This is an official Bear Essentials 15 event – part of the 2011 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Monstrosity is a Sydney art Gallery just 4 minutes walk from the Art Gallery of NSW!

93 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo 2011.

(Some other Mardi Gras arts events are here)

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